Payroll Integration: How Important Is It?

By | May 23, 2015

Many companies today are choosing a payroll service to set up and organize payments for their employees. It is easier to use, less prone to errors and much faster and more convenient than a traditional system run manually by employees. This is especially true because the traditional system can cause many problems especially with new employees or irregular activities such as leaves, overtime and extended vacation time. However, switching to a software service can be tricky as it offers different options and failing to choose the right option will eventually cause problems especially when the systems are not fully integrated. Click here to read more information about best payroll service. So how important is payroll integration and what are its benefits.

Centralized system for all information

Imagine using a desktop payroll software where you have all the calculations and regular information stored and processed in one place with no access to the accounting software. This means that every month or twice a month, if your employees are paid bi-weekly as is becoming the norm these days, you will have to manually integrate all the information, not to mention the end of the year when tax time comes. This will need to be done individually and could cause errors. Furthermore, it is difficult and time-consuming costing you more money and resources.
Having payroll integration is a great to get rid of all of those problems and making sure that the information is moved, processed and integrated whenever needed quickly and far more accurately.

Payroll Integration: How Important Is It?

Universal access

As you can find on, integrating your payroll is another way of ensuring that access to information is guaranteed for all those who need it which can make the process faster and easier. For example, an integrated payroll system allows phone access to human resources employees as well as managers so issuing payrolls can be quickly approved and processed. Furthermore, all the employees will have online access to their information which means less confusion and much easier communication with HR, since they can easily enter any information in the system which gets easily updated and tracked by everyone who needs access to it.

Overall efficiency

Looking at the broader picture, the primary benefit of integrating the payroll service is the overall efficiency. No more waiting in offices, finding the right time for scheduling meetings and waiting days and weeks for responses and adjustments. The process becomes quicker, the error margin is significantly reduced and the overall cost for the company is hugely minimized.

If you are considering getting software integration for your payroll services, think no more. It is a very important step that will help you and your employees better understand the system and save both time and money. Look for the right system that matches the ones you are already working with and based on that you can make the entire process much easier, your employees as well as your HR department will be much happier. If you are still unsure about which way to go, check for more information and make the process easier now.

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